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Our pieces uniques series continues with Cartier Replica Watches, and the artwork created by our in-house engraver Johnny Dowell. The third piece of the series, the UR-105 Bronze Tiger is the result. The Cartier Replica Watches time-only clock features Cartier Replica Watches's satellite time display paired up with a bold graved top.

We caught up with Johnny and asked him why he chose the mythical striped cat as the third installment in Revolution's collaboration Cartier Replica Watches.

What inspired you about tigers?

It's the image of this animal that inspired the design. It is beautiful, iconic and fierce. These words can be contradictory, but they describe one of the most incredible animals on Earth. The tiger comes to mind when I consider an animal with a facially symmetrical and beautiful appearance.Cartier Replica Watches Tigers have been featured in a variety of media, from tattoos to fashion to films. The strength and beauty of tigers is evident from the first time one sees one.

You've probably gotten the hang of it by now. Do you think that each image is equally difficult to execute, given that these pieces are unique? Do you think it gets easier over time?

The Tiger is very different from the Samurai, for example, because it was a side-profile piece. However, the Tiger is very similar to Guardian Lions because of its symmetry.Zenith Replica Watches The symmetry of this Tiger was very important to me, as I find a Tiger engraved in the front more appealing.

The Cartier Replica Watches UR-105 is a bold piece on its own. It's clean and sharp edges are undeniably symmetrical when viewed from the front. I, along with Wei & Bruce, felt that the face-on tiger image would be more powerful if engraved onto the watch.

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