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Dowell says, "I love the motifs because they're so universal. A samurai or a dragon is instantly recognized by any man as a totemic image that represents power and warrior mentality. In order to learn how to depict these motifs I studied traditional Asian art as well as manga and tattoo art to see how they were incorporated into all these disciplines. Then, I created images which were a combination of these styles. I hope that this style is unique to the world of engraving. "I also love that Felix and Martin chose bronze cases as our first collaboration, because the patina on the material is similar to the ancient armor."

Baumgartner says, "We're really happy with how the first watches from our collaboration turned out." The timepieces are a wonderful example of infinite possibilities.Breitling Replica Watches He laughs and adds, "And they're just badass!"

Starting a Singular Collaborative

In 2018, Breitling Replica Watches will be collaborating with Revolution and King Nerd to create a series of unique engraved pieces in motifs and designs that we hope will delight and surprise. We want to create watches which will ignite your desire, explode your brain cortex and shatter impulse control matrix. I am also happy to announce that The Hour Glass Singapore will be receiving a collection of these watches.

Michael Tay, the owner of The Hour Glass says, "We live in a time where consumers have eschewed mass-luxury. He does not want to be like everyone else.tudor replica watches The bespoke tailors have experienced a great renaissance. Vintage watches that age differently have a strong connection with modern audiences. I am proud of what Breitling Replica Watches is doing, and that Johnny and Revolution are also exclusive partners for these watches. "I am eager to discover the expressive possibilities of this new form engraving to reach out to today's consumer."

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